Privacy Policy

At Lotus Potion, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and site visitors. We fully appreciate and respect the importance of data privacy and security on the Internet. 

We believe you should feel both informed and empowered when it comes to our handling and usage of your information. This notice explains: 

what information we collect when you’re using the Lotus Potion website, or when you’re communicating with us;

why we collect that information;

how we may then use that information;

how we share that information;

how long we keep your information, and how we protect it whilst we have it;

what we won’t do with your information; and

what choice and options you have to control your information.

Because we’re an online retailer, the wording does have to get a little technical at times. If you would like to discuss any part of this privacy policy, please see our contact information at the end of this policy.

Everything we do relating to your information is covered by the following over-arching data principles: 

Your information belongs to you, not us – you should be able to control it, and you should know about, and be comfortable with, everything that we do with your information;

We will only collect, keep, use and share your information either (a) for genuine business purposes that we’ve explained clearly to you and that you haven’t objected to, or (b) where we’re legally required to do so – and as soon as those purposes have been fully achieved, we will delete your information;

We will be as clear and open as we can with you on what information we collect, why we collect it and how we use it, so you are informed and able to make decisions to control your information in the ways you’re comfortable with;

As long as we have your information, we will keep it up to date and protect it as if it was our own sensitive information, using appropriate security safeguards, having kept on top of and appropriately taken into account the latest industry standards and best practice.

In any interaction, you may have with Lotus Potion, we collect information in three possible ways: 

When you directly give it to us (“Directly Provided Data”)

When you create an account, or purchase our products, or communicate with us, you choose to voluntarily give us certain information – for example, by filling in text boxes, or clicking on active buttons on our side, like ‘Add to Cart’. All this information requires a direct action by you at that time in order for us to receive it.

When our systems collect information or data as you use our websites, or use websites or social networking sites and apps that are connected to Lotus Potion (“System Collected Data”) Whenever you use a website, app, or other Internet service, there’s certain information that gets created and recorded automatically by the IT systems necessary to operate that site, app or service. The same is true when you use our website and services. For example:

(a) when accessing Lotus Potion, we use “cookies” (a small text file sent by your computer each time you visit our website, unique to your Lotus Potion account or your browser) to make it easier for you to use Lotus Potion, improve your shopping experience with us or so we can record log data relating to the pages you viewed and activities you carried out during your visit. For example, we may use cookies to store your currency preferences or other preferential settings, so you do not have to set them up every time you visit Lotus Potion. These cookies may be “session” cookies (that last until you close your browser) or “persistent” cookies (that last until you or your browser deletes them). Some of the cookies we use are directly associated with your Lotus Potion account (relating to things like the email address you gave us), and other cookies are not. You can find more details on our cookie usage below; or 

(b) In addition, the type of device you’re using to access Lotus Potion and the settings on that device may provide us with information about your device, including what type of device it is, what specific device you have, what operating system you’re using and what your device settings are. What information we can be provided with depends on what type of device you’re using and its settings. For example, different types of information are available depending on whether you’re using a Mac or a PC, or an iPhone or an Android phone. Your device manufacturer or operating system provider will have more details about what information your device makes available to us.

We collect two types of information:

“personally identifiable” information (meaning it can be used to specifically identify you); or 

“non-personally identifiable” information (meaning it relates to you but can’t be used to specifically identify you i.e. anonymous data like which search engine you may have used to find our site).

We collect different information at different points in your user or customer journey with Lotus Potion These interaction points include the following:

Browsing our site;

Saving an item;

Registering on Lotus Potion;

Logging into Lotus Potion once registered;

Making a purchase from Lotus Potion (i.e. adding to cart, checking out and completing a purchase);

Contacting Lotus Potion support, either about an order or for any other reason;

Using Lotus Potion’s social media channels;

Clicking on Lotus Potion banners, hyperlinks or plugins.

At the above interaction points, we collect the following information about you;

Browsing Lotus Potion: irrespective of whether you are logged in when on our website, we use cookies and code which is embedded in our systems to gather and record certain System Collected Data regarding the visitors to the site, such as: 

The IP address of the computer or the proxy server that you use to access Lotus Potion – this is personally identifiable information;

The type of device used to access our Services, your computer operating system details and settings, your type of web browser and your settings for that browser, the name of your ISP, (if you are accessing Lotus Potion using a mobile device) your mobile device, your mobile operating system, your mobile device identifier provided by your mobile device operating system, and location data (if you have that functionality set up) and other general device or systems information – this is non-personally identifiable information;

statistical information and log data about number of visits to certain pages on the site (e.g. the home page); the pages you viewed and activities you carried out during your visit; the date and time of your visit; the duration of an individual page view, the paths taken by visitors through the site – this is also non-personally identifiable information.

If you are logged in on Lotus Potion when browsing, a cookie on your device will also identify you, and record and associate all of this non-personally identifiable usage information and log data with your account. 

Saving items: irrespective of whether you are logged in when on Lotus Potion, we use cookies and code which is embedded in our systems to gather and record certain Directly Provided Data every time you click the button to save an item on Lotus Potion. That Directly Provided Data relates to the item, number of and other product attributes of the item you’ve saved, so that item can then be displayed in your ‘Cart’ list until the end of that visit or until you remove it from your ‘Cart’ during that visit. This is non-personally identifiable information.

When placing an order, you are required to provide us with at least the following Directly Provided Data, all of which will be personally identifiable information:

Your name; 

Your email address; 

Your postal address – this may be provided by PayPal if you select this payment method;

Any further information you provide to us at this stage is also Directly Provided Data, all of which will be personally identifiable information.

If you choose to create an account and register with us, Lotus Potion will keep that Directly Provided Data for as long as you are registered with us, so that we can then use it to identify you, to operate all the systems (such as delivery systems), and to offer you a personalised, and streamlined experience on Lotus Potion.

Logging into Lotus Potion: Once registered, if you wish to log in, you will need to input your email address and password again, which is Directly Provided Data and personally identifiable information. This will be matched to the up-to-date Directly Provided Data of the same type associated with your account to confirm your identity and grant your account access.

Purchasing from Lotus Potion: To purchase products from Lotus Potion, you will need to do the following: 

Click the relevant button on the site to add the product(s) to your cart – at which point our systems will collect this Directly Provided Data relating to the item, volume and other product attributes of the item(s) you’ve added, so the item(s) can then be displayed in your ‘Cart’ until the end of that visit. This is non-personally identifiable information;

Select certain options relating to the delivery of the products you wish to order – our systems will collect this Directly Provided Data relating to your delivery selections in order to be able to fulfil and deliver your products to you by your required delivery method, should you complete your order. This is non-personally identifiable information;

Input certain details relating to your credit card, or log-in details for certain other payment systems, such as PayPal or Amazon Payments. This Directly Provided Data will be collected by our systems, so we can take the required payment for the products you wish to purchase, should you complete your order. These details are personally identifiable information.

To complete your order, you finally need to click the relevant button to ‘Place Order’. When we have this Directly Provided Data, we will record the full details of the completed order in our systems so we can (a) fulfil and deliver your order, (b) add it to your order history and have a record of your purchases in order to deal with any queries you may have or process any returns you may wish to make, and (c) include it within the financial records of our business transactions. This is all personally identifiable information provided by you.

Contacting Lotus Potion Support: if you contact our customer support team for any reason (for example when you submit a question using support email), irrespective of which of the available communication channels you use to contact us, we will record the contact and collect all applicable information relating to the contact. Details of the contact with you will be both Directly Provided Data and personally identifiable information, which we will then: 

keep and use to help us categorise your specific question or contact, respond to it, and, if applicable, investigate, deal with and resolve any issue or incident, and

keep for so long as you are registered with us so we have a history of all of our communications with you, any issues you may have had with us, and what we did to resolve those issues or incidents, which we can then use to ensure that we deal with any further contacts appropriately.

Using or interacting with Lotus Potion social media channels: When you use or interact with any of our social media channels, we may collect, record and retain certain System Collected Data and User-Authorised Data regarding your activities on those social media channels, such as the frequency of your visits. For example, if you choose to use the Instagram “like” button to indicate you like any of our images, or if you tag any of your social media contacts or link to them in any content you post, we will record this information. This is most likely to be non-personally identifiable information but may also include personally identifiable information depending upon your settings with those channels.

Any content you put on or add to any of our social media channels will be Directly Provided Data, which may be personally identifiable information depending upon the content. We will collect, record and use that content and any other information you provide when putting or adding it to any of our social media channels (including any information that you have permitted those social media channels to share with us or that is allowed by your user settings on those sites).

Finally, any additional information about you that you need to provide when you use a particular social media channel or app will be explained in the terms and conditions for that app.

Clicking on Lotus Potion emails, banners, hyperlinks or plugins: if you view or click on emails that we have sent you, or on banners, hyperlinks or plugins we have placed on our website or other websites, both the fact that you have done so, as well as the address of the site you were on when you did so, will be Directly Provided Data that we will record. This is all non-personally identifiable information. We will use this information to track and analyse how successful those emails, banners, hyperlinks or plugins are in engaging with you. We constantly strive to improve Lotus Potion and out services, which means we may create new ways to collect information from you. If we do, we’ll tell you about any new information we are collecting through updates to this notice.

We use cookies when you visit our site. There are four main types of cookies – here’s how and why we use them.

(1) Site functionality cookies – these cookies allow you to navigate the site and use our features, such as “Add to Cart”.

(2) Site analytics cookies – these cookies allow us to measure and analyse how our customers use the site, to improve both its functionality and user experience.

(3) Customer preference cookies – when you are browsing or shopping on Lotus Potion, these cookies will remember your preferences (like your currency or location), so we can make your shopping experience as seamless as possible, and more personal to you.

(4) Targeting or advertising cookies – these cookies are used to deliver ads relevant to you. They also limit the number of times that you see an ad and help us measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

By using our site, you agree to us placing these sorts of cookies on your device or computer and accessing them when you visit the site in the future. If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your device or computer, the “help” section in your browser should provide instructions on how to locate the file or directory that stores cookies. Further information about cookies can be found at Please note that by deleting or disabling future cookies, your user experience may be affected and you might not be able to take advantage of certain functions of our site, and the complete Lotus Potion user experience.

We collect all of this information from you for a number of different purposes, which we want you to understand – all of these purposes apply wherever Lotus Potion does business, including countries outside your own. A number of specific uses for specific data are already detailed above. But we often need to use lots of different types of information or data collectively in order for us to a quality service to you. 

To ensure that our site’s content is presented as effectively as possible for you, and to enable you to participate in interactive features of our site, when you choose to do so.

To set up, and manage your account, so we can provide a holistic user experience, so we can communicate with you about your orders and your account, so we can track potential problems and trends, and customise our support responses to better serve you.

To ensure that our users are genuine and to ensure that we are paid for goods that we despatch – for example, by using personal information, or disclosing that personal information to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency, in order to confirm your identity and conduct appropriate anti-fraud checks. Any such credit reference or fraud prevention agency may keep a record of that information. **Note that no formal credit check is performed and your credit rating will not be affected.

To update you on our latest products, news and special offers - If you have registered with us or provided us with your email address, we may occasionally update you on our latest products, news and special offers via e-mail, post, and other means available through the Services. You will also be given the opportunity to receive such communications from us and selected third parties. This includes if you choose to use the Facebook “like” button to indicate you like any of our pages. Examples of these communications include: (1) welcome and engagement communications - informing you about how to best use Lotus Potion, new products etc.; (2) service communications on things like service availability, security, and other issues about the functioning of Lotus Potion (3) promotional communications, including details of our latest sale or promotion. These messages will be sent to you based on your profile information. You may unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by selecting “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any marketing correspondence received.

To target Lotus Potion banners and ads to you when you’re on certain other websites – we do this using a variety of digital marketing networks and ad exchanges, and advertising technologies like web beacons, pixels, ad tags, cookies, and mobile identifiers, and the banners and ads you will see will be based on your previous use of Lotus Potion (for example, your product search history) or on Lotus Potion banners or ads you’ve previously clicked on.

To improve Lotus Potion’s products and services; Lotus Potion uses and stores site statistical information and log data, to help it identify potential areas to improve the services we offer. 

WE WILL NOT sell your information: We will not sell your personally identifiable information – including your name, address, e-mail address, or credit card information.

WE WILL NOT Share your information with the third-party advertiser or ad networks: We also do not display third party adverts on our website or support sharing your personally identifiable information with any third-party advertiser or ad network. 

Both the information you provide to us, and the information we collect, is controlled by Lotus Potion for the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act) and any other applicable laws.

We are always keen to hear from our customers, especially if it helps us to ensure that you are completely satisfied – after all, we want you to return to the site and to recommend us to your friends and family. If you have any questions or feedback about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

Lotus Potion is a registered trading name of Aura Brands Ltd. 

Company Number: 08394095

VAT Number: GB 155 2874 92 

We may change and update this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make significant changes in the way we treat your personal information, or to the Privacy Policy, we will make that clear on the Lotus Potion website or Services, or by some other means such as email, so that you are able to review the changes before you continue to use Lotus Potion.